The Art of Layering: 3 ways to perfectly layer your jewelry

The Art of Layering: 3 ways to perfectly layer your jewelry

Every style is unique!

Our team is continuously on the lookout for new ways to make you shine with confidence. We’re happy to introduce LAYER UP! A collection of accessories made for layering.

This collection is designed to adapt to your creative spirit. It offers you the opportunity to create countless different looks with the same accessory.



Composed of several interchangeable parts, these pieces are made to be worn alone or layered stylishly to create a personalized look.


Discover 3 ways to layer your jewelry and create unique looks that suit your style!

1. Add the wellDunn touch to your outfits

Layering made easy for you. Perfectly designed to create amazing looks, these pieces pair with all your wardrobe basics. Trust us; it’s the key to successful outfits!



2. Match our jewelry with your favorite accessories

Elevate your style and add your personal touch by styling the LAYER UP pieces with your favourite accessories. Dig up old gems and give them a new life! Thanks to layering, create brand-new jewelry sets by mixing old and new! Be creative, dare to mix different necklaces and bracelets to customize your jewelry sets.


Layer any of our necklaces with your favorite jewelry!


How to master the art of layering?

Here are some tips to create the perfect layered jewelry look:

  • Make use of various lengths of chain
  • Combine jewelry in odd-numbers
  • Use your neckline as a layer
  • Combine different styles. Don't be afraid to mix and match!

3. Combine with wellDunn jewelry

All LAYER UP pieces are designed to be mixed & matched together. Feeling creative? Match them with your favorite pieces from our previous collections. We can't wait to see your final looks!

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Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada

Entirely handmade in Montreal, our jewelry is renowned for its unique design and the quality of its craftsmanship. Every piece in your wardrobe will sparkle, old and new!