What is Gold Vermeil? The Highest Jewelry Plating Quality

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What is gold vermeil exactly?

Gold Vermeil is a quality standard used in jewelry to describe the quality of the gold plating used. It is the highest quality of plating you can get before considering gold-filled or solid gold jewelry.

The term "Gold Vermeil" is a trade regulated quality mark that applies to articles of jewelry featuring a specific thickness of gold plating over a sterling silver base. In other words, in order to claim that our jewelry is gold vermeil, we had to reach a specific level of quality of gold plating.

When we say our rings are made of gold vermeil, we mean that they are plated with 2½ microns (μm) of 14 karats gold over a sterling silver base.

All gold vermeil jewelry is not equal

Regulations to describe a product as “vermeil” varies from country to country. For instance, in the United States, a product must consist of a sterling silver base plated with at least 10 karats gold with a minimum thickness of 2½ microns to be described as “vermeil” according to FTC regulations.

On the other hand, in Canada, a product can also be described as “vermeil” with a 10 karat gold plating with a minimum thickness of only one micron over sterling silver according to Competition Bureau Canada.

The minimal thickness of gold plating required is 2½ times thicker in the United States. As a result, jewelry described as “gold vermeil” according to FTC regulations, like all rings we carefully handcraft here at wellDunn, is of higher quality than if described according to Canadian regulations.

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Now offered in Gold Vermeil!

Now made of gold vermeil -the highest quality plating- our handcrafted rings boast a shiny golden glow that will stand the test of time!

Here at wellDunn, we take great pride in our efforts to produce high-quality jewelry. By improving our gold plating process, we made sure you can enjoy our carefully handcrafted rings even longer!

Exceeding the standard!

Our gold vermeil rings are plated with 14 karats of gold, thus even exceeding FTC regulations!

Vermeil plating is the new gold standard for your jewelry collection! Why?

Gold vermeil plating provides superior durability and exceptional quality jewelry without breaking the bank! 

Highest plating quality

When it comes to buying jewelry, quality should always matter. This type of plating is significantly thicker and, therefore, longer-lasting than regular gold plating.

Affordable jewelry

We believe one shouldn’t sacrifice quality over price. Selecting gold vermeil plating improved the quality of our rings while allowing us to maintain consistent and reasonable prices!

It’s also the perfect alternative for those who are allergic to regular gold-plating. Most allergic reactions occur with nickel-plated jewelry. There is no allergy risk with gold vermeil plating as all metals used are high-quality (gold and silver sterling).

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About our gold vermeil rings

All our rings are carefully handcrafted in Montreal, Canada by our team of professional jewellers. We design our rings to be stacked and to form harmonious arrangements on your hands. Our rings are fun, they look amazing on your hands and they are long-lasting!

Buying our gold vermeil rings is a worry-free purchase! Make sure you select the perfect ring size for your finger by referring to our size guide.

Please contact us if you need any help in making your selection.

What is done with passion is always well done!

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