wellDunn jewelry | A call for solidarity against COVID-19

wellDunn jewelry | A call for solidarity against COVID-19

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I am not used to publishing long messages. However, most of you are isolated at home, so you probably have time to read this. It is undeniable. COVID-19 has a severe and imminent impact on our lives with great magnitude.

I understand that everyone's sense of security and anxiety is shaken by all the messages and information we are overwhelmed with. This is why I feel an urge to share a sincere message to call upon the solidarity that defines us.

This virus attacks not only our health but our economy. The small business owners are devastated by such an outbreak as we are not equipped to face a perturbation of this scope and size.

For the most part, our economy is based on exchange and business between people. Our country counts 1,100,000 SMEs. They are responsible for 70% of jobs. The fashion industry represents more than 80 000 jobs and 1 800 businesses in Quebec. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are the first ones to be ravaged by the outbreak of such a pandemic. We are far from being the only ones in this situation. We are all in this together.

The unpredictable circumstances caused by this global virus change every day. Having said this, our faith and willingness to pursue in our endeavour to offer our products for many years to come remains unchanged. Our team has taken emergency measures to help our company face these challenging times. Many other business owners are confronted with similar sacrifices. Difficult decisions need to be made.

wellDunn's core team is 6 employees, 3 trainees and more than 80 retailers in Canada. I am incredibly proud of the team we have built and, above all, I am especially overwhelmed by the genuine support our team is expressing to ensure the success of the company.

This business venture is possible only with your help. Our clients' unwavering support has been there for almost 10 years.

The way I see it, we are confronted with a HUGE snowstorm. I believe our cold climate, with cold winter months, promotes and reinforces our sense of community and mutual support. When there is a snowstorm, we come together to help one another. All of us got stuck in a snowbank until someone came along to help us.

Many have asked us how they can help, how they can contribute. This genuine empathy touches me profoundly. I am inspired by your heartfelt concerns.

Our team has brainstormed on a list of concrete actions you can do to help your local SMEs continue to shine. It would be a little like if you gave them a helpful push to get them out of that snowbank.


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Even though online shopping isn't a priority right now, we want to help you lighten up the mood of quarantine and put a smile on your face by offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders on welldunnjewelry.com as our company's contribution.

Many local businesses will benefit from your support.
Please keep them in mind and our local economy!

The storm will pass; however, this is the moment, more than ever, to show your solidarity by taking meaningful actions that reflect the society in which we all want to live in.

Kindest regards and many kisses (virtual ones, of course)

—Dominique Dunn, designer & founder

Dominique Dunn, designer et fondatrice de wellDunn jewelry